Why physical education and health?

Physical Education and health studies represent a significant part of school life at Stamford, not only for their health benefits but equally for their importance in character development, building positive traits and camaraderie.  Our specialist PE teachers teach students not only the basic skills of a variety of sports but also the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

This program develops well-rounded athletes and individuals who will gain lifelong benefits from engaging in sports, including the academic prowess that results from increased concentration and focus. Whenever possible we seek opportunities for students to compete outside of Stamford to build their confidence and skill. 

What facilities does Stamford offer?

Our campus offers a heated 25m indoor swimming pool and over 10,000 sq. ft indoor sports hall, offer our students the opportunity to practice in a range of sports, aiming to develop student-athletes with courage, integrity, responsibility, respect, and humility. Our location in the heart of Kowloon also allows us opportunities to practice on nearby sporting fields such as King's Park.

What are some sample units of study?

  • basketball
  • gymnastics
  • swimming 
  • mind and body
  • netball
  • soccer
  • tennis
  • dance/rhythm

What if my child wants to further pursue a certain sport?

In addition to the physical education classes offered at Stamford, a variety of CCA's are also available related to athletics for students who want to dedicate more time to their passions. For students looking at something more serious we also offer the option of joining competitive teams such as basketball and swimming.

See our programs in action!

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