Specialist Teachers

Part of our commitment to personalized learning as well as providing a broad and balanced curriculum is to ensure that we have high caliber specialists to deliver our curriculum. When hiring faculty for specialist programs we ensure that every teacher is an expert in their area of instruction. Our faculty have an average of 9 years of teaching experience in their area expertise so our students are learning from the best whether it be PE, the arts, languages or technology. To support our students physical and emotional wellness we have full time counselors and nurses to help ensure our students have a healthy and happy day at Stamford.

Innovation Teaching Team

Max Michelson

Educational Technology Coordinator, BA, PDGE

Ayesh De Alwis

Elementary STEMinn Coordinator, BA, PGCE

Kristina Parisi

Librarian, BA

Justine worked at the ASEAN STEM World Summer School program at the University of Nottingham (Malaysia) with students worldwide with a passion for science

Justine Tizzard

Secondary STEMinn Instructor, BSc, MRes, PGCE

Mandarin And Spanish Teaching Team

Qian Wang

Elementary Deputy Principal and Head of Modern Languages, DipED, MA

Yuni Barton

Mandarin and English as an Additional Language Teacher, BEd, BA

Caroline Lam

Mandarin Teacher, BA, PGDE, MEd, MEd

Sherry Lau

Mandarin Teacher, BA, PGDE, MA

Flora Lin

Mandarin Teacher, BEd, PGDE, MA

Ashleigh Shi

Mandarin Teacher, BA, MEd

Huan Wang

Mandarin Teacher, BA, MA

Justin Zhang

Mandarin & EAL Teacher, BA, CertEd, DipEd, MA, MA, EdD Candidate

Seren Zhang

Mandarin Teacher, BEd, BSocSc, MA

Marcela Cristancho

Spanish Teacher, BA, TESOL

Andrés González

Spanish Teacher, BEd(Hons), MAT, PGCE.

Maite Rodriguez

Spanish Teacher, MA, PGCE

Yena holds several certificates, including language proficiency certificates, International Chinese Teachers Certificate, and an IB certificate in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Yena Wang

Mandarin Teacher, BA, MA, PGDE

Arts Teaching Team

Amy Percival

Head of Arts, BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd

Tracey Hainsworth

Visual Arts Teacher, BA, FRSA

Mario Colbacchini

Music Teacher, BA, MA

Tim Hainsworth

Jaime Wilkin

Music Teacher, BMus (Hons), PGCE, FRSA, MA

Visual Art Teacher

Ethan Lester

Visual Art Teacher, BA, PGCE, MA

Art Teacher

Hannah Kung

Art Teacher, BA, ECE Dip

Drama Teacher

Christy L. Greenfeather

Drama Teacher, BA, PGCE, MA (in progress)

Physical Education / Athletics Teaching Team

Liliana R. Martins

Liliana R. Martins

Physical Education and Outdoor Education Coordinator, BEd, MEd

Kori Thompson

Kori Thompson

Physical Education Teacher, BEd, MSc(Hons), PGCE

Edward Styles

Edward Styles

Physical Education Teacher and Award for Young People Coordinator, BSc (Hons), PGCE

Jamie Barnfather_560x648

Jamie Barnfather

PE Teacher, BSc (Hons), PGCE, Med (in progress)

Student Support And EAL Teaching Team

Naomi Shannon

Naomi Shannon

Secondary Learning Support, BSc, PGCE

Divina Ancheta

Divina Ancheta

Behavior Interventionist, BEd, MA

Eva Li

Eva Li

English as as Additional Language Teacher, MEd

Lisa Lopez

Lisa Lopez

English as Additional Language Teacher, BS, MS

Sherryne Shen

Sherryne Shen

Secondary EAL teacher, BA, PGDE, MA

Este Verhave

Este Verhave

English as Additional Language Teacher, BEd

Mia Nortje

Mia Nortje

School Counselor, BEd

IB Coordinator Stamford HK Michael Galligan

Michael Galligan

IBDP and Academic Coordinator, BS, MA

EAL Teacher

Emma Chen

English as Additional Language Teacher, BS, MEd Global Education

EAL Teacher

Naomi Nair

EAL Teacher, BA, MA, BEd

Cover Teacher

Hannah Phipps

Full Time Cover Teacher, BA, PGCE

Cover Teacher

Iris Cheung

Full Time Cover Teacher, BEd, MEd

Learning Support Teacher

Yvonne Wong

Learning Support Teacher, BA, MEd, PGDE (SpEd)

Helen has four years at an IB international school as a Higher Education and Careers Administrator guiding students to enter top universities globally.

Helen Fung

University Counselor, BA (Hons), MA, MEd

Jeni is experienced in developing a social-emotional curriculum, planning and implementing school-wide wellbeing initiatives, and providing individual and small-group support for elementary school students.

Jeni Chesnut-Tangerman

Counselor, BA, MEd

Judy Chan_560x648

Judy Chan

Counselor, B.Soc.Sc, MSc

Shaila has worked in every stage of education from early years to secondary and gained a deep understanding of the nuances of language acquisition at each level.

Shaila Samtani

English as an Additional Language Teacher and Head of Department, BBA, PGCE, CELTA, NASSEA Language, Literacy, and Learning Teacher Trainer

School Nurses

Susanna Chan

Susanna Chan

School Nurse