28 October 2021

What is a MAP assessment, and Why Do Schools Use it?

Many schools are now using MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) to help inform instruction and measure student growth, but why use this tool, and how effective is it? [Read More]
28 September 2021

Changing Schools Mid-Year

Mid-year entry, especially for students changing from other curriculum types, can be a great option to secure a place and settle in; find out why. [Read More]
23 June 2021

Six Tips To Tackle Screen time in the Holiday

School’s over, and it’s time to be away from digital devices and do something else! Our Educational Technology Coordinator Mr. Evans shares six tips for your family to tackle screentime over the summer. [Read More]
7 May 2021

Staying in Hong Kong this Summer? Camp Asia to the Rescue!

Award-winning Camp Asia is coming to Hong Kong for the summer to ensure boredom is not an option. The Camp Asia program caters for children from four-16 years old and runs from 9 am until 12 pm each day. With 13 camp options, there is something for everyone! [Read More]
11 January 2021

IBDP or A-Levels?

What are the differences between the IBDP and A-Levels? Both offer admission to universities around the world; however, the programs have some very key differences. [Read More]